Boccardo Reception Center (BRC)


The BRC is the County’s largest homeless service center and shelter. It serves homeless adults year-round, providing emergency shelter and an array of supportive services including mental health services, a medical clinic and medical respite program, case management, a computer lab, housing search assistance,  job search and placement assistance. It also contains a veterans service center and ten units of transitional housing for homeless veterans.


2011 Little Orchard Street
San Jose, CA 95125
Phone number:
(408) 294-2100

Hours of Operation

The BRC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

People Served

Adult men and women who are homeless and not accompanied by minor children may obtain nightly shelter.

Services Provided

Upon arrival, clients are provided with a bed and receive two meals plus showers and toiletries. First-time clients are guaranteed to receive shelter services for a night and are encouraged to attend an orientation. Longer stays and further services are provided to clients who are eligible for any of the programs operated at the shelter.

  • Food Service: Clients who stay the night at the BRC are provided two nutritious meals. Clients that are enrolled in BRC’s programs are provided three meals a day.
  • Medical Services: Through a partnership with the Valley Homeless Healthcare Program, medical services are available to all BRC clients. The medical clinic is operated onsite and provides basic screening, primary care, dental care, immunization, referrals, and follow-up.
  • Laundry Services: Clients may use washers and dryers to clean their clothing free of charge. Laundry soap is also provided.
  • Transportation: A 16-passenger van and a shuttle bus assist clients with their transit needs. The BRC also utilizes the county’s Homeless Transit Pass Project to provide clients with monthly transit passes and bus tokens.
  • Programs and Case Management: All clients who are eligible to participate in programs have the opportunity to receive case management services including advocacy, referrals to permanent housing, benefits assistance, financial management, and more.


Please click on program names below for a full description.

BRC Year-Round Shelter

Cold Weather Shelter Program

BRC Supportive Housing Program

Medical Respite Program

New Start