Boccardo Family Living Center

The Boccardo FamilyLiving Center (BFLC) is a multi-service transitional housing program for homeless families with children in South Santa Clara County. Located in the City of San Martin, the program provides 26 units of transitional housing specifically designed to serve one and two parent households with children. During their stay, families receive case management to work toward goals of permanent housing and improved self-sufficiency. The BFLC is home to a number of services, including a cold weather shelter for families, seasonal migrant farm worker housing, and children’s tutoring. The BFLC is equipped with a community room, an activity room, library for children, and recreational areas. The majority of clients served at the BFLC are children or young adults. Family clients pay a below market, rental rate, which allows them to build financial resources while they work to achieve stability.


The BFLC serves families, defined as a one or two parent household with at least one minor child. Eligible families must have documented homelessness. The program operates a waiting list for prospective clients. The BFLC waiting list is currently CLOSED.


Boccardo Family Living Center
13545 Monterey Road
San Martin, CA 95046

Phone: (408) 539-2136