Street Outreach Program


The program provides a hotline at (408) 510-7600  for the community to request assistance for homeless individuals on the streets. Project staff will strive to respond to calls within one business day. The phone number has 24-hour voicemail.

The Street Outreach Program provides targeted outreach to homeless individuals living in the City of San José  as well as homeless encampments within the city limits. The program strives to build trust with homeless individuals with the goal of linking them to shelter, medical care, housing, public benefits, and other services. The Outreach program has beds set aside at HomeFirst’s Boccardo Reception Center for individuals interested in more intensive assistance with getting into permanent housing (more details below).

The team consists of peer- outreach workers who have had personal and professional experience with homelessness in San Jose, and case managers.

Services Offered

On the street, the Outreach Team offers basic needs such as snacks, clothing, hygiene items, and safe sex materials; transportation help for obtaining identification; and referrals to various county resources. During outreach sessions, case managers and outreach workers conduct basic needs assessments and may also act as liaisons between homeless clients and other service and homeless providers. On a case-by-case basis the program provides transportation assistance to assist clients in accessing services at the Boccardo Reception Center. They are also able to connect homeless individuals to other services such as:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Food
  • Legal assistance
  • Housing search
  • Education enrollment
  • Medical care
  • Rental assistance
  • Employment programs

As mentioned above, the Downtown San Jose Outreach Program also provides clients who are willing to move off the streets with emergency shelter at HomeFirst’s Boccardo Reception Center. Clients housed at the shelter receive two hot meals per day in addition to supportive services such as intensive case management, housing search assistance, transportation, job search assistance, medical care, mental health care, and more.

In addition to the services provided by HomeFirst and the Outreach Team, the program collaborates with the County of Santa Clara, Momentum Mental Health, Bill Wilson Center, InnVision Shelter Network, Downtown Streets Team, Catholic Charities, Groundwerx, and the Housing 1,000 campaign.


Homeless Helpline: 408.510.7600. This phone number has 24-hour voicemail.

Please click on this link to e-mail the program: Outreach E-mail

Additional Information

Click here to download the  San Jose Outreach Program flyer.