San Jose City Council Looks at Ways to Salvage Tiny Homes Plan

San Jose’s plan to build tiny cottages for the homeless ran into vocal opposition, with people at one meeting literally chanting “build a wall” to block out the impoverished.

Weak public outreach by City Hall and backlash from neighborhood groups resulted in the number of potential sites shrinking from 99 to four, then three and now two.

San Jose’s elected leaders now have to figure out how to salvage the project, which originally aimed to house 250 people at 10 sites—25 people in each City Council district. The council on Tuesday will consider ideas on how to move the plan forward.

In a memo released Friday, Mayor Sam Liccardo recommends meeting the original goal of building 10 villages, but to start with a few to model the concept. Gensler, a world-renowned architectural firm, offered to donate its design expertise.