Pic: HomeFirst Recovery Group Volunteers

Volunteer Yyonne drives from Santa Cruz to San Jose and volunteers every Thursday to talk with our guests about sobriety and recovery. Mike, left, was a recent guest speaker brought in by Yvonne. They were introduced to HomeFirst by Callie Gregg, one of our case managers. All three have been clean and sober for over nine years, Mike the longest with 36 years under his belt.

"We started it for the Veterans only, but then decided the whole shelter could use it," shared Callie. "Yvonne finds speakers that have been in recovery for a long time and that can relate to the clients at BRC."

If you have a skill or passion for something that could possibly help our clients, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jaclyn Salinas, at JSalinas@homefirstscc.org.

Pictured: Callie (middle) with Mike and Yvonne.

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