We received another lovely visit this Friday afternoon from Rancho Milpitas Middle School.

Thank you to 8th graders James (pictured), Willy, Isabella and Morgen for putting together much-needed hygiene kits for our homeless guests.

James and his friends included a range of items from deodorant, floss, small towels, mouthwash and lotion in their kits.

Thank you also to Ms. Victoria Salcedo for teaching the importance of community service, and for requiring a service learning project in her 8th grade English class.

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We received another wonderful visit from Rancho Milpitas Middle School this afternoon!

Thank you to 8th graders Jonathan and Janpreet for researching, and choosing HomeFirst as part of your community service project. We appreciate the kits you both put together, which included bags of snacks, water bottles, soap, deodorant and more for our homeless guests.

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Pic: 600 handmade knitted caps for HomeFirst guests

Thank you to Alpana and friends of Cozy Cap Campaign for stopping by our Milpitas office with over 450 new and handmade knitted caps to keep our women, men, and children warm this season!

Alpana came up with the idea of knitting caps for our guests when she attended a meeting about the homeless in Sunnyvale last August. She connected with a HomeFirst representative, and now also wants to teach knitting classes at the BRC in San Jose.

The Cozy Cap Campaign has donated a total of over 600 knitted caps to HomeFirst! Thank you again to Alpana and friends for all of your continuous support!


Pic: Toys from the Rallye Club of Silicon Valley

THE GIFTS KEEP COMING IN TONIGHT: Thank you so much to Darin McGrew and the Rallye Club of Silicon Valley for dropping off brand new toys and a check for the kids staying in our shelters! We appreciate your donations, and can't wait to see the smiles on our young guests' faces when they get to pick a new toy for the holidays!


Pic: Trustee Help stops by HomeFirst

From San Francisco to Milpitas and back to San Francisco: Cari Hays, founder and president of Trustee Help, Inc., is a busy woman, but that didn't stop her from dropping off a new blender, lamps, some pots and pans, flatware, and cutlery, all donated from a generous estate she's working with in San Francisco.

Thank you Cari, Cherrie and Trustee Help for your call, these items will be great for our move-in kits and shelters!

Also, a friendly note to other nonprofits, Trustee Help has a Wish List page if you need anything, contact them here --->