Pic: 600 handmade knitted caps for HomeFirst guests

Thank you to Alpana and friends of Cozy Cap Campaign for stopping by our Milpitas office with over 450 new and handmade knitted caps to keep our women, men, and children warm this season!

Alpana came up with the idea of knitting caps for our guests when she attended a meeting about the homeless in Sunnyvale last August. She connected with a HomeFirst representative, and now also wants to teach knitting classes at the BRC in San Jose.

The Cozy Cap Campaign has donated a total of over 600 knitted caps to HomeFirst! Thank you again to Alpana and friends for all of your continuous support!


Pics: Sunnyvale’s Holiday Party

GIVING BACK: Thank you to Sarah J., a longtime HomeFirst supporter, for generously thinking of our Sunnyvale shelter, and hosting a wonderful Christmas party for our guests. A good time was clearly had by all, especially the kids!

Thank you also to Santa Clara County Board President Joe Simitian for distributing holiday cards and gift cards at our Sunnyvale and Mountain View shelters!


Make the next SIX hours count today!

A very special “Thank You” to Shah Restaurant in Sunnyvale, Karl John Kramer, Greg Barr, Penny & John Pollock, and those who donated on our Facebook page for your support this afternoon on Giving Tuesday!

There's still 6 hours left to make a donation of any amount to our organization here. The form takes a few seconds (okay, maybe a minute or two) to fill out, so why not do some good while making dinner and help us end homelessness in Silicon Valley at the same time?!

Giving Tuesday 2018_6 hours.jpg

Before you go home and have a nice dinner or workout, don't forget that you have 6 hours left to partner with us on Giving Tuesday to end homelessness and make a donation of any amount to our organization here. We thank you in advance for your support today!

New Winter Shelter

New Winter Shelter

The Gilroy Armory Shelter and the new Sunnyvale shelter will provide beds, two meals a day, and a hot shower to clients. Supportive services are also offered, such as employment resources, medical care and referrals to other services. Donated toiletries and clothing are available to those who need them, and volunteers offer haircuts.