Volunteering is one way you can help end homelessness in our community. We work with individuals; groups from faith-based, corporate, neighborhood, or community organizations; and families or groups of friends. You can donate your time at one of our local shelters, family sites, or kitchens, or let us help you complete a service project at your site.

IMPORTANT: Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the Boccardo Reception Center or 13 years or older at our other sites.  All volunteers must be scheduled through our volunteer coordinators and supervised by staff. No walk-in opportunities are available. 


Email volunteer@homefirstscc.org for Volunteer Opportunities. Read and complete the volunteer forms below. If TB clearance or a background check is required, please fax, mail or email before your first shift. Please include your name, group name if applicable, and date of service on your TB Clearance Form to ensure proper filing.


HomeFirst Volunteer Enrollment
HomeFirst Volunteer Guidelines
HomeFirst Volunteer Code of Conduct
HomeFirst Release of Liability