How to Volunteer

Volunteering is one way you can help end homelessness in our community. We work with individuals; groups from faith-based, corporate, neighborhood, or community organizations; and families or groups of friends. You can donate your time at one of our local shelters, family sites, or kitchens, or let us help you complete a service project at your site.

IMPORTANT: Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the Boccardo Reception Center or 13 years or older at our other sites.  All volunteers must be scheduled through our volunteer coordinator and supervised by staff. No walk-in opportunities are available

Getting Started

Welcome to our new online volunteer portal. We hope this makes your volunteer experience with HomeFirst more enjoyable. You are so generous to give your time to serve our mission and we want to offer you the most efficient sign-up process.

For the first-time user to our new system (as of June 6, 2018), you will be required to register as a volunteer and perhaps complete some paperwork. You will find necessary volunteer forms below.

Through our new portal you can see open volunteer positions, along with available dates and times.

Should you have questions or run into trouble maneuvering through the system, please email volunteer@homefirstscc.org or call Jaclyn Salinas, Volunteer Coordinator, at (408) 539-2143.

Click here to begin! Thank you for volunteering! 

Volunteer Forms